Welcome to Gun Plans [dot] com

Welcome to GunPlans.com

Within this site you’ll find extensive information on the home gunsmithing of various firearms. Included are two of my favorites, the AK47 & the AR15.

gun plans & firearm blueprintsBuilding your own firearm is a legal, and enjoyable hobby, participated in by thousands of Americans. That being said, it takes the right knowledge, patience and tools to follow through a project to successful completion.

There are now a range of top quality merchants selling various bolt-together parts allowing you to “finish” your firearm with minimal machining and other technical work. These include the popular “90%” receivers; technically not yet finished to a “firearm” stage – the home gunsmith can finish the receiver using hand tools and have a fully functional firearm with the addition of some off the shelf parts.

I’ve put together this website to help answer many of the questions those looking to build their own firearm ask. Primarily: “Where can I get Gun Plans?”. Plans for your firearm are quite simply the basis of your project. Without the right plans, your project is almost certain to fail.

So depending on what you’re looking to build, you’ll find links to various sources of plans and parts throughout this website.

Happy gunsmithing,