Using Gun Plans to Build a Gun

blueprintIt is interesting to learn about how things are made, especially things that we use every day or that play a role in our favorite hobbies. Planning to build a gun normally starts with an idea, such as knowing what gun is best or preferred for whatever reason.

Many websites and stores offer gun plans, most with different prices, styles, and options available depending on a variety of factors unique to the website, state/local/federal laws, and other factors. However, keep in mind that most gun plans—especially the free downloads—represent an incomplete weapon for obvious reasons.

In most cases, they lack blueprints for the part of the gun that does the firing, meaning that it cannot chamber a live round.

The first question that many people ask is whether it is legal to download plans for guns; the answer is yes. Even the FBI admits that it is nearly impossible to restrict access to these plans, although having a gun plan does not mean that the gun enthusiast will experience no difficulties building a gun.

According to online blog postings, people downloaded 3D-printed gun plans over 100,000 times in the first few days that they were available.

Popular Models for Gun Plan Download

The AR-15 is one of the more popular guns for downloading plans, although with recent events in the United States it is more difficult than ever to find a plan even for a nearly complete weapon.

Instead, gun aficionados use a variety of websites to get accurate renderings so that the building finishes on time. Since so many people want to design a weapon that will pass inspection, many feature some glaring flaw so that the person is forced to purchase the gun plan or visit a weapons shop for something that actually works.

Similarly, there are many websites that offer plans for guns like the AK-47, although they are probably not as popular as the AR-15 and a few handgun varieties. The Kalashnikov (AK)-47 is popular mostly because of its infamy in movies, video games, and television shows, but it is a common choice for sportsmen and gun enthusiasts all over the world also. It has a rich and interesting history, and the gun plan download makes it easier to be a small part of that unique background.

Handguns are another popular choice for those searching for gun plans online, especially models such as the Ruger. The M1911 .45 caliber handgun is another common choice, especially for those who want something that looks like what police carry. Most gun plans are available as downloadable books or ebooks, but some are also available as traditional books or online resources. A few are free, but many require a credit card payment in addition to age verification measures.

Replica Gun Plan Ideas

A replica gun plan is similar to a standard gun plan, but in most cases, the replica plans are for outdated, old-fashioned, or historic models. This usually includes ideas such as the Colt .45 caliber double action revolver (circa 1909), but it may also include larger guns such as M134 Dillon minigun. Thompson guns (Tommy guns) are extremely popular, used by old-school mobsters such as Capone, and gun experts all over the world recommend these as a vital part of any replica gun collection.


Tools Needed for Gun Plans

Most “plans for guns” websites only offer a handful of required tools, which seems surprising given the complicated and sophisticated nature of weaponry. There are dozens of fancy, expensive tools out there that can aid gun building for sure, but most experts recommend only these few basic items:

  • Dial calipers. The experts say that a standard $20 pair can make a huge difference when following a gun plan or blueprint. There are far more expensive options that come with additional features, but a basic pair is sufficient for a beginner.
  • Flat surface. Regardless of whether a board, table, counter, or floor is utilized, the surface needs to be absolutely flat to be effective and efficient. A flat surface is also needed for measuring and comparing during the building process, such as a straight ruler, edge, or so on.
  • Wire-size drill bits. These tiny drill bits are crucial for creating perfect holes in the gun, and whether the gun planner is creating a larger gun or something tiny those small drill bits are invaluable. Look for drill bits size in numbers such as #1-60 instead of the standard ½, ¾, and etc, because this signifies a smaller size.

80% Receiver Kits

For those who want something that has been started but does not have to be regulated like a weapon, an 80% kit is ideal. These guns/weapons are almost finished, do not have to be registered, but cannot be sold or given away…ever.

They cannot even be included as part of an estate or inheritance; they must be destroyed when the builder dies or no longer wants it. The kit gets its name from the percentage of completion, 80%, at which point it is considered a firearm and therefore treated like one. Before that mark, it is just a piece of metal.

A few different online sources offer a variety of 80% kits, including weapons such as handguns and assault rifles. The type of gun will usually determine the steps necessary for completing the gun, but sometimes the brand/manufacturer of the kit will have slightly different requirements than another brand/manufacturer of the same type of gun kit.

silver gun


A gun plan or gun kit can be an excellent opportunity for spending time with a teenage child or as a bachelor project. It can be a great way to relax and focus on something far less stressful than the workday, and the finished project is a source of pride.

Whether the gun builder chooses a kit or a gun plan from scratch, it is a wonderful alternative to those games and projects that are mind-numbing, expensive, or pointless.